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Awesome Facebook Tricks That You Haven’t Even Imagined

You can’t post http://3425535330 on Facebook In this tutorial you are going to learn about following: IP addressing concept. – IP v4 Small Introduction About IPV4 And Some Conversions Why you can’t post http://3425535330 on Facebook. Reasons About This Problem. IP addressing concept:  IP Address designers made IP Address as a 32 bit System. This

How to Switch On and Off your Credit Cards Access

Is there any button to switch on and off your credit cards? Lol, No. Because your and mine and none of or credit cards are electronic or electrical or mechanical device or gadget to do so. It’s just a plastic card which is coated with aluminium covers and coded with tons of information. However we

How Hackers Hack Credit Cards

” Online payment ” has made your life much easier. Nowadays, you can get all your products from internet without coming out of the home. Online shoppers repeatedly report that they were frequently getting mails from shopping sites which fills their inbox. But the actual reason is, they were being spammed by a special type

How to check a Credit Card is live or not

The only disadvantage in public CC is knowing whether the CC is live or dead. You may get even thousand public CCs, without confirming it’s live, there is no use in it. However, there are online checkers available. You can use that to check whether the public credit card is live or dead. Note :

How to get public credit cards for free

I hope you would know the basics of carding. There are two types of credit cards according to carders. They are, 1) Public Creidt Card,2) Private Credit Card. What is a Private Credit Card ( CC ) ? The private CC is which you get by spamming, hacking, or by the means of buying from CC

How to buy a Credit Card from a CC Shop

Most of the newbie carders today dont know how to buy a CC from a CC shop. And they are not willing to buy as they are only waiting fro Public cards which are being posted by Pro Carders in some forums or in some groups. Here is a tutorials to buy CC from

How to Keep Credit Cards Safe From Hackers

Getting hacked by hackers is a common problem for every internet user. Whatever secure connection you may use, you cannot survive against a determined Blackhat. Im not sure that this article will save you from hackers. But, I’m very sure that this will help you to stay safe from hackers and reduces the chances of

How to Card a Raspberry PI for free

The following tutorial is for educational purposes only. The writer of this content and the website for which the content belongs to is not responsible for any wrong usage of this tutorial. Requirements : # Live CC for 50$.# Drop for one of the 60 countries available in ( You can use your own address too

How to download Facebook Vidoes without any software ( Tutorial )

In this tutorial you are going to learn about downloading facebook videos without any softwares. Download softwares is a wste of time and even if you have downloaded any of them,they may contain any harmfull viruses or malwares attached to them. So, downloading facebook videos manually is the safer method ever. How to Download Facebook Vidoes

How to Store And Retrieve Unicode Fonts In Mysql Database in PHP

In this tutorial you are going to learn about storing, retrieving unicode fonts from MySql database and sending unicode fonts to database from php using UTF-8 character encoding. How to Store And Retrieve Unicode Fonts In Mysql Database in PHP By this method you can display Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Sinhala, Urdu, Arabic, Telugu, Chineese & more